LU4C – 3Dom of Speech

Finally a post about our 3Dom Of Speech, comedy fundraiser – a well-supported event that felt a bit like an extended family reunion.  Thank you those who came out in support!

We’re grateful for the funds raised for our Teach The Teacher project to skill educators in terms of school sports coaching and sporting campaigns for their community youth.

Life gets so busy that we mostly get along on autopilot without a little craziness.  That was changed for a night as performers Yaaseen Barnes, Kagiso Mokgade,  and Mel Jones had us literally doubling over in our seats with laughter.  Thankfully all that was after the main meal was served or we could have had a couple of people choking on their food, I reckon.

All in all an super evening was had by all.  Thank you to our Sponsors Protea Toyota, M & L Forklifts and Jive for the lekker cooldrinks. We also give a special thanks to our hosts, Venue on Par for their support. Your venue and catering was simply amazing!

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