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We provide a warm meal and blankets for people living on the street


Our Boeber Run originated as a Ramadaan weekend project in 2015

Where co-founder of Lace Up For Change, Irafaan Abrahams in partnership with Islamic Relief to distribute boeber and food to the homeless. This project brought the love of running and helping those less fortunate together under the name “Boeber Run” and has continued to grow into a community of runners and walkers providing support.W

The monthly* event sees runners, amateurs & pros, running 5 kms, while other supporters drive along, to various locations in the greater Cape Town area where warm boeber, soup, bread, blankets and other essential items are handed to the homeless & less fortunate…. our guests for the evening.

The 5km distance has a deeper meaning and represents the 5 daily prayers in Islam that keeps us grounded and reminds us to live by the Quraan and the teachings of our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and his saying that “The charity you give will be your shade on the day of judgement”.

This initiative does not only provide meals to the poor but also encourages our volunteers to interact with those we help on the streets, to learn their stories and share their experiences. In this way we hope that those living on the street will not just be seen as a statistic but as real people with names, feelings, hopes and dreams.

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