LU4C- Cape Town #BoeberRun

Please join us for the October LU4c Boeber Run where we will distribute a warm meal to our guest in the Woodstock, District Six and Cape Town CBD . We aim to meet at outside the Voice Of The Cape…

  • DateSaturday 22 October 2022
  • Time:19:45

Previous Events

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Ramadaan Mubarak

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is reported to have said, “Whoever feeds a fasting person will earn the same reward as him without diminishing in any way the reward of the fasting person.” This hadith encourages Muslims to feed those who are hungry, especially during Ramadaan. God…

LU4C Sports Day – Dec 2022

aturday 3 December 2022 marked a significant first for LU4C. 50 learners from 5 schools within, and outside of Cape Town (Dietrich Moravian, Eastville, Arrieskraal, Tandfontein and Ezelfontein) participated in our inaugural LU4C Sports Day. The mini tournament at the…

LU4C – Winter Warmers

On 16 July 2022 Irafaan Abrahams and Ashraf Mia ran the Cape Town Festival of Running 100km event. Their intention was to raise funds to provide learners with a winter warmer kit made up of a beanie, a scarf and…


LU4C Wins with TFG Club Cares

We are truly thankful to long time Lace Up For Change (LU4C) Supporter Zulphar Muller Arendse. Zulphar, a The Foschini Group (TFG) Club subscriber, recently won a TFG Club Cares competition and nominated LU4C as the recipient of a R10…


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