Our Story

The history of Lace Up 4 Change
Helping People - the dream that became a reality


Lace Up For Change is a non-profit organisation established in 2016.

Lace up for Change Logo

Active in Cape Town, South Africa it was the vision and dream of Faizel Jacobs. The purpose of Lace up for Change (LU4C) is to raise funds primarily through sporting activities, to uplift and enhance the lives of socially disadvantaged communities with a new focus on leaving a lasting positive social change through development programmes. How is it possible for a dream to make a difference? Simple, by having a shared dream, taken to concept and to a shared reality with the help of a team of selfless volunteers with a shared set of values aligned with the same vision and dream. And of course, the generous donations from our many donors. What makes LU4C unique? Enjoying the challenge of participating in sport, overcoming personal challenges and reaching personal goals, while creating awareness and raising funds for those disadvantaged who are facing greater challenges in their daily lives.


Lace up for Change Core Values

Lace up for Change Ambassadors, Volunteers and Donors all share these values


Build trust with everyone we interact with and serve by being authentic.


Overcome adversity by facing challenges in life, sport and the communities we serve


Working together to empower and uplift communities

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