3 Schools & A Wedding Proposal

The #LU4C #50For50 School Shoe campaign visited Grabouw, commercial centre for the vast Elgin Valley, the largest single export fruit-producing area in Southern Africa.

The Crew visited 3 schools in the area, Arieskraal Primary School, Maxonia Primary School and St Michaels Primary School. Learners received a brand-new pair of school shoes, stationary packs, a lucky packet filled with treats, and the learners and parents all received the Husami Special – a warm punet of Akni!

Hearts were filled with joy and so some degree sadness hearing how some learners walk 9km daily to and from school. Parents and teachers saying that with winter around the corner, learners will get to school with dry feet atleast. The challenges of running 50 half marathons, the aching bodies and fundraising drive yet again proved to be worthwhile.

We are grateful to all of our donors and sponsors who all played a roll in helping us achieve this objective – Alhamdulillah.


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Donations to our projects can be made to:

Bank: FNB
Acc Name: Lace Up For Change
Acc Number: 6266 386 7003
Branch Code: 210528
Reference: Donation

Alternatively, donation can be made via our website by Clicking DONATE NOW


    You put big smiles on the faces of our learners the mothers was overwhelmed cause there was kids without shoes Me as a leader of this comunity will keep on praying for your love and care for healthtiness to walk more myles for our needys my apreciation is out of my heart to you All

      We are the ones who are blessed to be able to assist, but most of all, are blessings come from your prayers.

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