#LU4C #50For50

#LU4C #50For50 50th Run

Subhaana Rabbiyal-‘Adheem (Glory to my Lord the Exalted.)

It is difficult to put into words the mammoth task just completed by Irafaan Abrahams and #TheCrew.

50 Half Marathons completed during 2021 as part of the #LU4C #50For50 School Shoe Project. A reminder that Irafaan ran 50 half marathons during 2021 to raise funds to fit learners from 50 schools with a brand new pair of school shoes during the 2022 school year.

Th 50th #50for50 RUN which took place on Thursday 30 December 2020 ended with so many blessings. This included that Living Coloured, Yusef Daniels joining in on festivities. Not just did he work up a sweat, but he also had a gift to share. Watch this video to share in the joy.

LU4C will still be collecting donations towards this project up until end January 2022, so please do feel free to spread some love to thoese learners in need.

Donations can be made on our website or click the DONATE button below: https://lu4c.org.za/50-for-50-challenge/ or via direct deposit:
Bank: FNB
Acc Name: Lace Up For Change
Acc Number: 6266 386 7003
Branch Code: 210528
Reference: 50for50
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

#LaceUpForChange #Lu4C #LaceUpForSchool #50For50

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