LU4C Ambassador: Irafaan Abrahams

Irafaan Abrahams

LU4C Ambassador

Irfaan Abrahams is an educator teaching in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. Being able to shape the minds of young people is one of the most satisfying things in the world for him. Another is running, but we'll get to that later. As an educator he understands he has a huge responsibility; not only to learners but to the society in which we live.

"You have to work twice as hard to make an impact. It's not enough that you educate them - you have to also give them skills and knowledge that will positively affect their lives."

With a passion for sport, he has competed in many sporting codes and as an educator, continues to be involved through coaching soccer. To add to the many hats he wears, he has also dabbled as radio presenter for The Voice of the Cape, presenting programs in both sport and education. Besides radio, his involvement in sports and education has been featured on TV when he was honored as one of the SA Heroes in Education as well as a feature article in Kuier Magazine which focused on the work he does to uplift communities in Cape Town. More recently, Irafaan has taken part in many marathon challenges, including the Million Rand Challenge, to raise funds and awareness for the causes he supports.

His passion for educating young people, sport, and helping communities in need is what led him to become co-founder of a non-profit organisation. During a chat with Faizel Jacobs on a run around Rondebosch Common, they realised that they have a shared vision of making a difference through sport. This conversation is when Lace up for Change was born.

In his spare time, he likes to experiment in the kitchen and is known to cook large pots of food for charity. His "Boeber Run" program is one of the earliest community upliftment programs with a name under the umbrella of Lace Up For Change.

As you can see, Irafaan is truly a man of many talents. He is not just an educator but a mentor and inspiration to many children to dream big and follow through on those dreams while not forgetting to lend a helping hand to those around them.

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